Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Praying for Tommy

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I've been all over the place recently - things have been chaotic for us since school started.

My 9yro, Tommy, has been suffering from severe headaches, 3-4 a week, for the last 2 months with little to no relief, and, as a result, he's missed a ton of school - all on top of me doing an apprenticeship.

He was referred to the neurology clinic last week and they are all positive it is migraines, complete with the nausea and auras, but there is also a suggestion in he may be having absence seizures. He will be having an EEG this Friday at 9:30am (8:30am EST).

We are having trouble determining his triggers, but we have confirmed noise and photo-sensitivity. I think fluorescent lights are a specific trigger for him. We're keeping a food journal as well, to try and determine if there are any food triggers. We've got the big ol' list of them, but I'm sure we can rule out caffeine, chocolate and dairy. We're trying to keep an eye out for MSG and nitrates, though, just in case, as well as any other items.

He's been started on a prophylactic medication (Topamax) for now, and I'm very glad its mid-term break this week, so he can get some rest and his body get used to the new meds.

He's also been quite discouraged lately - normally, Tommy's that all-star, most-popular kid, center of attention, straight-A student - the kid everyone wants to be friends with... and he knows he's not able to be himself and he doesn't like that he's been sick so much. He's also worried how this might affect him making head boy next year, even though he's been told it won't affect the principal's decision.

It's been affecting me, too - more than I wanted to admit first... seeing your child sick and in pain is also far worse than anything that might happen to yourself...

Anyway, I'm still here - just very distracted!

To pray specifically:
* Ultimately, for complete, divine healing for Tommy
* That the medications will help, and for wisdom for the doctors
* That the EEG will give full and clear answers, and that if there are seizures going on, we will see them in the first test (it took 17 EEGs for the doctors to see grand mal seizures in my girlfriend's daughter, even though they knew she was having them).
* That Tommy will be encouraged, physically, spiritually and emotionally and that he will KNOW that God is with him and has a plan for him, even when he's facing such terrible plain
* For my husband and I as we figure out how to best care for Tommy
* For us to be able to figure out Tommy's triggers
* For his little brother, Jonny, who is turning 6 on Nov. 16 - Jonny has been having "jealousy pains" because he sees Tommy getting so much extra attention, missing school and doesn't understand what's going on.
* That we would be able to develop a plan at school to help Tommy cope
* That Tommy will continue to be a testimony to his Saviour, in spite of his having his own 'thorn in the flesh', just like Paul the Apostle

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